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Color // Spring 2010

Drawn to Color

Bellingham-based graphic designer Riley Hoonan explains how the poster he designed for his former band, Queen Amina, gets attention, even if it is unreadable.

Eat the Rainbow

Don't be color blind when it comes to getting your daily dose of fruits and vegetables

Giving up the Gang

A former member finds a new life outside the dangerous world of gang activity

Going for Gold

The destination: a rock-strewn bank on the south fork of the Nooksack River. The prey: gold.


Since Obama's election and the economic turmoil of the recession, hte number of hate groups has spiked nationally

The Heart of Henna

As the sunset burns over Bellingham Bay, three women relax in the remaining sunlight filtering into The Woods Coffee in Boulevard Park. One woman's arm boasts a complex pattern of dark swoops and dots that stand out against her skin.

The World of Magic

This is Magic: The Gathering. Each Friday night, Cosmic Comics, a downtown Bellingham comic and hobby shop, hosts Magic tournaments.

Seeing Red

The science of Road Rage

Writing on the Wall

It is often seen as vandalizing and illegal. But to some, graffiti is an art form.

The Black and Whites

A burst of squeals and gasps erupts as the spectators take in the magnificence of a Pacific Northwest legend: the orca whale.

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